About Hadley King

Hadley King is a board-certified dermatologist living and practicing in Manhattan. With an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Harvard College, an MD from Columbia University and a dermatology residency at Cornell, she is western-trained but holistically inclined. She is honored to be nourishing both her body and her mind at Studio Anya. Hadley grew up on the beaches and bayous of northwest Florida, where she developed a great love of experiencing and exploring the beauty and mysteries of nature. This resonates for her with the careful attention to anatomy and physiology at Anya and the investigation of the secrets of the mind-body connection.


In pilates, as in life, if something seems easy, then chances are that I am doing it wrong.  When I first started taking classes I smugly thought gosh, I'm pretty good at this, I must be really strong and naturally gifted.  But it turns out that I just wasn't doing it right.

As classes have progressed we have focused on various [...]

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Hurry Sickness

Three of the four elevators in my building are out of service and it is an eternity before the fourth arrives.  I am pacing and mumbling and I have pressed the call button with increasing force maybe twelve times.  Finally the doors open only to stop at every floor between mine and the lobby while the elevator becomes so packed that I can scarcely breathe let alone move.  [...]

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Re-Calibrating Asymmetries

As a doctor who addresses patients' desires for facial perfection on a daily basis, I am the first to point out that we are all asymmetrical.  I know, for example, that my right eye does not open as wide as my left eye when I smile, and that a bump on the right side of my nose makes it very difficult to find sunglasses that sit straight on my face.


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