AUM through Voice: Jai!

For the past few years Elena Giordano has been studying Curriculum AUM at Studio Anya, which has turned into yet another beautiful source of AUM through the ARTS.  Check out Elena's original track "Jai" - the first mantra in the Mind+Body Curriculum turned into utter beauty! [...]

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Yoga Journal: Individuating the Legs

At my personal session with Courtney today we went straight into energy work. No small talk or stretching first. I had been experiencing pain in my left leg, and I guess she could sense the urgency there. After the session she explained that our left side is emotional. And it’s no wonder, that side is the keeper of the heart. I was moved to hear that meaning because during our left-side work, I felt myself travel through four emotions very intensely. [...]

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Mind Games for the Body (the good kind!)

In nearly three years of study with Courtney in the AUM curriculum I have learned many, many lessons. I think the most important one I've learned is what a 'mind body connection' actually means. Sometimes we know things in our minds, other times in our bodies, and we know the most sacred things in our hearts.  Like kids in a sandbox, things go best when all of these forces know how to play nice nice.  [...]

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Defog the existentials

"Who am I living for?
Is this my limit, Can I endure some more
Chances are given, Question Existing."
~ Question Existing, Rihanna

We all have a name. Many ID cards (& Bills) confirm this - but knowing our name doesn't always mean we know who we are. We may schedule our daily to do's on iCal or by hand -- but going through the motions doesn't guarantee we understand our purpose. We fill out forms (address, social security number and date of birth) by heart - but filling in the details about what life's all about requires the heart to remember our true nature. [...]

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the universe provides

this will be my little corner of universe where i'll traverse the teachings of centuries and days old. where i'll blend the stillness i find in motion and the inspiration i derive from Anya. i'll find a way to play with the vernaculars of said AUM curriculum (though i really don't want this to be a cerebral provocation)-- this is  about a journey within and without.


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First Anya Class: Finding My Strength

The word I chose to meditate on was strength and boy did I need it. Through many rounds of inversions I felt dizzy and I had to take frequent breaks, heading into the familiar territory of child’s pose. It wasn't until we played with the “geography of the feet”--rocking from the outsides to inner blades of our feet--that I found my stride. On the subway home I continued fidgeting there, finding my centerline and balance on each foot.

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AUM through Dance: The Secular Self

"Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it." ~Martha Graham

One of the dance world's greatest pioneers, Martha Graham once said, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul."  Having the opportunity to create dance based on Curriculum AUM exposes a whole new way of learning and understanding just what the curriculum is all about - and it's not just grounding the feet!  Dance speaks to us deeper then words, targeting our inner emotions and tugging at our heart strings.   [...]

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The Beginning

The Beginning: A Journal Entry
>When it comes to fitness, you could say I’m full of intention but lack attention. That’s why I’m drawn to Courtney Bauer’s multi-faceted curriculum at Studio Anya, and her philosophy on “getting in shape.” While we aren’t all meant to be a particular shape--like a circle or a square, we should each determine what “in shape” means to us, and work to manipulate our physical (and mental!) selves to get there. [...]

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Lighten Up! S.hake O.ff S.tress

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." ~Chinese Proverb

The adrenaline response is a powerful red-alert system --designed for emergency use only. But what happens when 911 is on speed dial? Modern day frenzy has got us stuck in a sympathetic nervous system tizzy --leaving us on the edge and ready to fight or flee at the first sign of threat (especially ones to our ego defenses).

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