“A human being is a part of a whole, called by us “Universe.” – Albert Einstein


The origin of the word Community combines Latin words meaning “gift” and “shared.” In the age of automated networking, however, the definition of community takes on whole new proportions! As we find ourselves literally enmeshed in an ever- widening circle of exchanges, it’s so important to stay grounded in the cultivation of a here and now presence. Centuries before these advances in technology, Leonardo Da Vinci already knew the secret code: “Sophistication is Simplicity”. Alas, staying in touch relies upon being in touch with things like reality, meaning and connection. If we play our cards right, what Quantum Physicists call the Empathic Field may hold the key to unlock our collective potential! After all, being in sync with our super-organic system is way more interesting than an exaggerated explosion of the Kevin Bacon Game!

If exploring themes like wisdom and compassion in our day- to- day movement became the new sacred hobby for a collective psyche we’d be well on our way to making, as Bob Marley describes it, “One love, one heart, one destiny,” the real gift to be shared.


Studio Anya

Often called an oasis or sanctuary in the heart of NYC, Studio Anya is where we meet to practice Yoga, Pilates and Healing. The Sagebook is where we share our methods for success with the whole world!

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Perceptions Dance

Perceptions Dance is a contemporary dance company that brings the mind + body dialogue alive through performance.  We engage audiences with compelling stories that challenge existing perceptions of life through athletic and theatrical movement.

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The Care Counsel

Anya’s acumen advisors, comprised of 76 beloved sages who made the world a better place. Ambassadors from the Arts & Sciences and everything in between, these true blue All-Stars are venerable role models for all generations to study and adore.

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& YOU!

Although the extraordinary artist, Pablo Picasso, is famous for his abstracted view points, when it comes to you, he says it like it is: "Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. You have the capacity for anything". The Sagebook agrees. Learn about your unique constellation and O.rder W.hat's N.ecessary to make the most of your potential!

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