MovementFirst, invoke (f1) the push & pull to bridge (f2) the gap between the elements and to mobilize (f3) awareness. Center (f4) the mind and cross over  (f5) to a here and now presence in order to tonify (f6) emotions and plank (f7) the body strong. Now, uplift joy, lengthen (f8) the inspiration and extend (f9) an olive branch to every cell –finesse (f10) the fullness at the top of the inhalation and receive nourishment. Next, excavate treasures, dive deep, stretch (f11) into the empty expanse and envision (f12) the exhalation as an alchemical agent. Empower each breath to integrate (f13) opposites in powerful exchanges in order to generate  (f14) new perspectives and liberate (f15) old troubles. Cultivate patience, embody  (f16) the spaces between the thoughts and little by little allow intuition to call the shots. Practice humility– phrase (f17) meaning in the heart of every action to translate (f18) vision as manifest. More and more, yield  (f19) to feelings of oneness. Balance challenge and ease,assimilate  (f20) peace as a daily devotion and harmonize (f21) energy and light to authenticate (f22) dreams come true.