Anya Mandala

Mandala17A window to the soul like an axis to the 4 corners (f1) of the earth (f2). Dig deep (f3) in the light of day and strike Gold (f4) in the belly of mirth. Rise up in to the sweet night – count each diamond in the sky’s light (f3&4)… Now, get busy, travel to the place where land merges with sea. Gather all the colors of a rainbow and weave infinity (f5-12). Stand up tall and find center, like a bee buzzes nectar… (f13) A bouquet of spheres like the flower of life. Rejoice!, opposites dance as husband and wife. Get low, feel the roots tremble, trust nature to assemble … A hammock made of gossamer like a silken cocoon. Rest here dear one and marvel at the magic of the moon. (f14 & 15) Each breath like an ocean of grace, expand and contract – blessed this space. A new beginning springs forth like fresh petals from the bud.  (f16) Resilience reigns aum (f17) like a lovely lotus in the mud. In cycles like this we’ll continue to flow, till eternal peace is all we care to know. (f18 &19)