Seated Meditation


Seated Meditation Faculty 18 Exercises for Anya.  Practice Seated Meditation. Length: 0:20

Pigeon Pose


Pigeon Pose Faculty 11 Exercises for Anya.  Learn how to do Pigeon Pose. Length: 0:48

Thread the Needle Pose


Thread the Needle Pose Faculty 10 Exercises for Anya.  Learn how to do Thread the Needle Pose. Length: 1:37

Modified Split


Modified Split Faculty 8 Exercises for Anya.  Learn how to do Modified Split. Length: 1:13


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H.E.A.L - Harmonize Energy And Light HEAL: H.armonize E.nergy A.nd L.ight is a visualization method influenced by Reiki & Yoga. Our Heal Meditation restores and fortifies the nervous system in a guided journey or what many describe as a really awesome nap. As we enter into a state of lucid trance, our imagination plays an auspicious role in the creation of peace within. An hour long guided meditation. Length: 51:18