Who is the Observologist?  

The Observologist is the main character in Faculty 2 and represents our human existence in the role of the Inner Stenographer and Journalist.  Imagine an omniscient narrator holding the lens and consciously zooming in or out depending on levels of curiosity, comfort and concentration. The Observologist is the full spectrum spectator of our experiences –the one who people watches, “rubbernecks” and absorbs the whole scene. A more action-oriented version of what Buddhism calls the “witness conscious” and a less diagnostic version of what Western Psychology calls “Self-Monitoring”, The Observologist’s favorite hobbies ~ Multi-sensory checking in– Taking notes & pictures–Watching the details in the zone.

Observologists love to people watch (and this includes themselves). They are fascinated by how things work and come together.  From a Buddhist perspective, you are like the “Witness Conscious” and gather information without judgment.

They create mental files on subjects of interest by observing their environment and taking pictures both literally and figuratively. A lot goes on inside their heads and they are easily agitated when interrupted from this inner process. Others may see them as someone who ‘spaces out’ but you are actually quite focused – on something other than them.

Visual Artist Carlos Vazquezz creates a beautiful interpretation of The Observologist.  Check out his work below, or browse his full gallery of Atmatypes.

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