In recent posts, I never addressed the fact that I am pregnant! But by now, as I begin my third trimester, it is kind of hard to ignore! As an active person, I’ve remained so throughout my pregnancy, and besides typical first trimester nausea and a few brutal bouts with menacing migraines early on, I embraced my slowly shifting shape and never really felt inhibited or encumbered by it! Until now!

At which point, I’m starting to realize my limitations and that I actually have them!  Old injuries and acknowledged weakness are, now, more easily aggravated; I’m feeling pressure and pain in new areas during ordinary activities; and the character of my movement is somewhat altered! As this baby boy starts to make his presence known and my center of gravity has been thrust forward, I’m a bit slower and more deliberate, if awkward!

After making the move to TriBeCa, a wonderful, family-oriented neighborhood easily accessible to Hudson River Park, my husband and I have enjoyed the end of summer and beginning of fall with morning runs through Battery Park or along the river up towards Chelsea Piers. But recently, I started to feel a lot of pressure in my burgeoning bump. While we had initially been increasing our distances and pace, I began requesting walking intervals that were becoming necessary and for longer periods.  I pushed myself hard and long until I realized that, for me and for baby, it was no longer pleasurable to pound the pavement with these added pounds of pressure! So for now, we are more comfortable going for gentle walks along the river. And I have begun implementing different forms of low impact cardio to supplement my also somewhat tempered, prenatal-tailored pilates and yoga routine at Studio Anya!

In a recent pilates session with Sarah, I felt that my exertion levels were disproportionate to the routine exercise I was performing, and I expressed exacerbation at my diminishing fitness and endurance.  Sarah encouraged me to continue to have self-compassion and embrace the beautiful change. Sometimes we need to modulate, even capitulate, in order to cultivate and propagate! With slight modifications to certain exercises and positions, Sarah showed me that I can get an even more effective workout. Extra exertion does not always equal added benefits. And sometimes, it’s even okay to take a pregnant pause!