"The singing Sun the signing moon the singing stars and the singing galaxies are the direct expression of the divine word AUM." ~Amit Ray


What is Curriculum AUM?

Aum is the ancient spelling of "om"—the omniscient sound of our source existence. If the whole world suddenly became quiet, still and dark,  we would hear AUM - A. Universal M.oment- as the proof that we are still alive and that H"om"e is Within.

No matter how far back we try to trace its origin in the Vedas, in the Bible or other sources, we seem to be baffled as to its varied uses. In India the mystic word OM or AUM may signify the three persons of the Hindu Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. To the Brahman, it signifies the "One without a second" of the Adwaita Philosophy. In every case, however, AUM is used as a creative sound whose vibration is to build words. Thus, when the mystic is capable of hearing all in one of the countless voices, cries, and songs, and noises of all human beings and things that exist and move, it is the unique sound of AUM that reaches him. The same AUM vibrates also in the utmost depth of his inner self. He who can pronounce it with the right tone, is able to work wonders, and he who knows how to utter it silently, attains supreme emancipation. ~  AN EXPLANATION OF THE TIBETAN INCANTATION, By Frater S. J. Marx [From The Rosicrucian Digest November 1933]

Prescriptive by design, Curriculum AUM is the "how to" & "go to" reference guide for cultivating more peace, compassion & authenticity in all aspects of our lives.

First introduced to the world in 2009 with the opening of Studio Anya in NYC, this visionary body of work attracted the attention of many Mind + Body practitioners who immediately resonated with the multi-disciplinary focus. Over the last 3 years, Studio Anya has provided a learning lab for the experiential study of Curriculum Aum as a daily method for Mind + Body Integration.

Curriculum AUM is the blueprint for learning how to practice ANYA-inexhaustible grace as a daily way of life.  It is presented as a manual for self-discovery written in a step- by- step recipe with all the ingredients needed for Mind + Body Fitness and Healing. Curriculum Aum is an existential tool kit, equipped with a series of techniques geared for deep & enduring realization.

Curriculum AUM maps out a cohesive course of study in a governing template that remains constant across 22 domains or "Faculties".  Each of the 22 Faculties follow the same mnemonic sequencing based on the sound vibration of aum (aa~uu~mmmm) in eight components, to represent the seven bits of information that the conscious mind can organize plus the potential of one (ness), 7 +1 = 8. Mnemonic devices structure the governing template to provide learning aids for the retention and delivery of core concepts as practiced techniques that build upon each other or can also exist independently.