About Alec

Alec - a Brooklyn native – has spent over 15 years in environmental fields, mostly in the NYC area. He has built community gardens, restored woodlands and has communed with the trees as an Arborist and canopy researcher. He is currently up to his armpits in urban agriculture. Over many years of manual labor, his body has taken a bit of beating. Upon first glance (at the reformer), he said it should be called the disciplinarian. He comes back week after week, grateful for the expertise and well-guided lessons provided by Studio Anya and Curriculum AUM.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Years ago, in an improv acting class, two participants had taken the stage. They started with a page from a Streetcar Named Desire and then let it flow from there. They were so in the moment that they swept up the rest of us. For several minutes they created a world that felt entirely real. Suddenly one of the participants broke. Looking totally exasperated, she said she couldn't do it anymore. The rest of us snapped out of the scene like cold water had wrenched us from a trance.


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I was fading out on the train. The rocking felt boat-like. I drifted into to studio early and tried out the magical foot machine that I had heard praised. In particular, it squeezes the feet and calves with surprising pressure. It is delicious, indulgent, a little naughty even.

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A Beneficient, Furry Drum Major

That thing I said last week about the work out not feeling like a working - that was bullsh*t. This week it was on. There was the standard, somewhat embarrassing trembling, but there was full on burn, internal cursing and mental gymnastics, i.e., The Buddha says, "there's nothing inherently good or bad about this situation, it just is". That thought process is good for another couple seconds worth of endurance.

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"Back in the day" I had a physical job. I hung from ropes in highly uncomfortable positions doing some pretty dangerous stuff. Often, every muscle clenched - from brow to sphincter.  65 feet up a tree with a chainsaw running, body twisted and getting ready to unleash big, dynamic forces, it was hard to be mindful.


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Pilates and Running

It was a simple instruction on the Reformer: Reach out through the base of the big toe, activate the baby toe - reach it out to the side and perhaps back a bit.  In response, I felt the adductors blink and wake up. Or was it Sartorious? Whichever muscle or group of muscles that are responsible for inner rotation sprung into action. My legs worked more at ease within their natural frame lines.


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Congealed and Uncongealed

Our weekly semi-private session had been on hiatus over the summer, which means it had been a while since last I took care of myself.  So when the instructor asked how we felt my first thought was, "older". While the 30s are infinitely more fun than I've ever had, physically I feel less and less forgiveness - a solidifying of sorts, or maybe more of a congealing. It's worrisome.


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Body Language

The language of the body permeated today's class: Can you feel this part of your body having a dialogue with that part?  Can you foster a relationship between the front body and the back body? Can you feel how, in this position, what is going on with your arms that speak to the alignment of your lower body? Do you notice how one side will almost speak a different language from the equal on the other side?


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