About Christie Anderson

Christie has always been inspired by movement. But from a young age, it was a pony’s prance, a warmblood’s majestic gate, that was most captivating. A dedicated student and an avid equestrian, Christie was committed to the sport and enamored with the animal. Learning how to move with and communicate to these gentle creatures was a daily practice and her devotion. When she handed over her helmet to focus on academics, she felt a real sense of loss and disquiet. But her passion continued to ignite and excite her soul. Christie began to explore new and different movements. To quiet the disquiet and to keep moving, Christie experimented with every of-the-moment fitness fad, from running to pilates, cycling, strength training, boxing, the ballet barre and yoga, you name it. But finding Courtney and Anya and studying the Aum Curriculum has reignited her spirit and renewed her energy. And now Christie finds herself “purposefully fidgeting.” Equally challenging and inspiring her in both mind and body, this new movement philosophy quite literally resonates in her core. As a new mom-to-be, Christie shares her practice with her future tiny yogi-to-be and Sage devotee who has already shown signs of movement at the sound of Aum! Christie also works as a freelance media consultant for two Mexico-based event planning companies. She is co-developer, along with her husband, of the “Beach Box,” an eco-luxe “container home” on Long Island’s East End. There, they plan to build more eco-conscious homes and awareness around sustainable development.

Achey Hips

The hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone….or is it?

Prior to a recent session with Johnson, I found myself feeling some more than usual aches and pains in my lower back and my right knee. But despite the pain, I continued my usual workout routine including a morning run with hubby along the west side, which was clearly exacerbating the problem.


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Nursery Basics

As I continue to explore my practice at Anya, I am at the same time progressing into the later stages of my pregnancy. And from day-to-day physical changes and new challenges are made apparent. Still, knowing this body is a healthy home, a safe haven, providing a nourishing environment for my already bouncing baby boy is empowering. But the physical manifestation is also the result of an organic, ongoing mind+body dialogue, facilitating this profound miracle!


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A Pregnant Pause

In recent posts, I never addressed the fact that I am pregnant! But by now, as I begin my third trimester, it is kind of hard to ignore! As an active person, I’ve remained so throughout my pregnancy, and besides typical first trimester nausea and a few brutal bouts with menacing migraines early on, I embraced my slowly shifting shape and never really felt inhibited or encumbered by it! Until now!


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Tense Sense

Before my private pilates circuit session today with the sweetest of the sweet Sarah, I was dragging myself to make the walk to Anya. I have been battling a bout of insomnia for the past two nights and the lack of rest had seriously effected my ability to articulate my muscles in even the simplest of motions. My brain felt fatigued and refused to cooperate. My mind and my body were simply not connecting, the conversation was weak. But Sarah’s bright spirit and smiling heart is always inspiring, and she compassionately challenged and encouraged me-my body and my brain-to enliven and awaken! [...]

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Mind Banter

“What's encouraging about meditation is that even if we shut down, we can no longer shut down in ignorance. We see very clearly that we're closing off. That in itself begins to illuminate the darkness of ignorance.”

-Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart


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