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At the heart of it all, Courtney is an eternal student of life. Born two months early, Courtney arrived on January 31, 1975 (The day of the lyrical Poet) just weeks before the year of the Bold Tiger would transition to the Bucolic Rabbit. Rooted in the Live free or Die State of New Hampshire, Courtney has played the role of a Blue Knight (Manchester West HS, 1993′) and also a Crusader (College of the Holy Cross, 1997′). And with Taurus as her rising, it’s easy to see that this freedom loving Aquarian knows how to fight the good fight. (Just watch her move through Mods class and this becomes quite clear.) But there’s something else about her. Tough to explain. It’s as if her strength emanates beyond the physical. An avid collector of magical moments — she is best understood as a mystical muse and widely known for her uncanny sensibilities in the fruition of grace.

Defog the existentials

"Who am I living for?
Is this my limit, Can I endure some more
Chances are given, Question Existing."
~ Question Existing, Rihanna

We all have a name. Many ID cards (& Bills) confirm this - but knowing our name doesn't always mean we know who we are. We may schedule our daily to do's on iCal or by hand -- but going through the motions doesn't guarantee we understand our purpose. We fill out forms (address, social security number and date of birth) by heart - but filling in the details about what life's all about requires the heart to remember our true nature. [...]

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Lighten Up! S.hake O.ff S.tress

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." ~Chinese Proverb

The adrenaline response is a powerful red-alert system --designed for emergency use only. But what happens when 911 is on speed dial? Modern day frenzy has got us stuck in a sympathetic nervous system tizzy --leaving us on the edge and ready to fight or flee at the first sign of threat (especially ones to our ego defenses).

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