About Elizabeth Gray

As a recent transplant to New York in May, Elizabeth found a home immediately at Studio Anya. Coming from a dance and movement-oriented acting background, she discovered that the movement philosophy at Anya directly spoke to her own exploration of the body/mind connection. Currently enrolled in the Anya Teacher Training Program, she is excited to continue this exploration and live the journey while sharing her experiences on the Sagebook.

The Essential Midpoint

Having recently flown across the entire country, I can attest that flying in an airplane is a multi-dimensional experience. On the macro level, the airplane is dwelling in this in-between space between earth and sky, above the clouds and below the stars, initiating awe and some bit of terror. On the micro level, you are stuck in a tiny seat [...]

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Summer means baseball. And baseball means sitting in front of my computer almost every night live-streaming Indians games (go Tribe!), biting my nails, and screaming at the screen. But this season, a strange phenomenon happened…

If you have ever taken class at Studio Anya, you’ve probably heard phrases such as ‘enliven the hands’, ‘ground the feet’, ‘organize the shoulders’, or ‘soften [...]

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Constant Change

Constant change – the phrase is essentially a paradox. If something is constant, it’s unchanging, unwavering, stable. If something is changing, it’s moving, evolving, transforming. The two words are opposites, and yet placed side by side they somehow mean the greatest joke in life. Nothing is ever, in fact or theory, constant. [...]

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The Yoga Sutras and Curriculum AUM: A Mind/Body Lifestyle

There is a clear through-line across time and culture regarding the pursuit of happiness - only there is not always a clear understanding of what happiness means. Is it peace? Prosperity? Love? Some separate state that puts you above the need for those things? We know we are pursuing something important, something that will solve the riddle to our lives, but [...]

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Break a Leg!

I'm in the middle of Anya class, minding my own business, when the phrase "Break a Leg!" pops into my head and sticks. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard this while quaking in the wings preparing for an entrance onto the stage. It has become so familiar, that I almost don't even think about it anymore. I wouldn't want to actually break my leg. It certainly would be inconvenient to happen in the middle of class. And yet, there it was, tagging itself as my intention for the day.

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