AUM on the GO: How to make a Homemade Skin-Healing Face Mask

The wonderful Gina Flores of Essential Body Wisdom is back again, and this time she is giving us the recipe for homemade beauty!  In this week's AUM on the GO! video, Gina gives us a step-by-step recipe for a homemade skin healing face mask suitable for all skin types.  Take notes, and share your results with us!

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AUM on the GO: What are essential oils and aromatherapy?

Gina Flores of Essential Body Wisdom talks about what essential oils and aromatherapy are. Many essential oils have proven to be anti-bacterial, fungal or viral, making aromatherapy one of the fastest growing fields in holistic medicine.  Ancient Egyptians, Indians & Chinese have documented the healing benefits of essential oils for over 6,000 years and modern science is catching up.

Essential oils [...]

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Project AUM: Meet Sarah Sadie…

In March of 2013, Project AUM began a 6-week collaborative project to create what ultimately became the first of many contemporary dance works based on Curriculum AUM.  While we await the release of  video from The Moving Beauty Series (where the work premiered back in April), I'd like to introduce you to some key Project AUM players.  Some are [...]

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AUM on the GO! Lemon…

Gina Flores of Essential Body Wisdom talks about Lemon as an uplifting and handy essential oil.  Concentration, focus and joy are just a few things this oil brings us. Uplifting and clarifying to the mind, it assists in dispersing confusion.

Grab some lemon for yourself with Gina's unique AUM Aroma 5 in Lemon - leaves, woods and resins round out this [...]

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AUM on the GO: Inner Visualization and Meditation

Johnson talks about inner visualization as a tool to use during meditation in this week's AUM on the GO!

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HOW TO BE: a mind+body dialogue by Project AUM

Over the past 4 years, I have been inspired greatly by Curriculum AUM.  As an artist working in the medium of Dance, I've explored creating work based on the Curriculum, creating short works performed at festivals and events held at Studio Anya.  This process spawned Project AUM - a platform for Artists to create based on the inspiration they receive [...]

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AUM on the GO: Lavender!

Let's talk about Lavender!  With lots of perks, Lavender is the go-to essential oil.  Lavender is great for stress and tension, alleviating headaches, digestion issues, and so much more.  Gina Flores of Essential Body Wisdom tells us more in this week's AUM on the GO! video.

Want to bring Lavender into your life?  Gina Flores created 19 essential oil blends inspired [...]

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AUM on the GO: What is Patchouli?

Patchouli is the aroma for Faculty 19, The Student.  But what is Patchouli?   Patchouli has lots of benefits: it's skin healing, grounding, cooling, supportive in meditation and helps as an insect repellent!

Gina Flores of Essential Body Wisdom chats about Patchouli in this week's AUM on the GO! video.  Want more?  Check out Gina's original AUM Aroma inspired by Faculty 19, [...]

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AUM through ART: The Wounded

"It is through being Wounded that power grows and can, in the end, become tremendous.” -Friedrich Nietzsch

The Wounded is the main character in Faculty 3 and represents our vulnerabilities. History alone reveals unspeakable acts of cruelty to remind us of humanity’s frailty while some would even say we are injured as soon as we exit the womb. Regardless of source, however - whether [...]

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AUM on the GO: What is “smell”?

Gina Flores of Essential Body Wisdom talks to us about our sense of smell in today's AUM on the GO! video.  What is smell and how does it work?

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AUM on the GO: What is Meditation?

You've mastered setting up already. Now, In part 2 of our AUM on the GO! Meditation series, Johnson talks about what Meditation is.

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AUM on the GO: Setting up for Meditation

Johnson chats with us about the obstacles of setting up for meditation and how to conquer them to make your practice part of your regular routine. What are some of your meditation obstacles?

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The Yoga Sutras and Curriculum AUM: A Mind/Body Lifestyle

There is a clear through-line across time and culture regarding the pursuit of happiness - only there is not always a clear understanding of what happiness means. Is it peace? Prosperity? Love? Some separate state that puts you above the need for those things? We know we are pursuing something important, something that will solve the riddle to our lives, but [...]

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I laid still, in child's pose, after 60 minutes of movement...and still there was that echo, a witness to all that I had done. I felt like I was on a boat--moving softly, gently, rhythmically. Where am I? Can I resurface to life and face a break-up, a hurricane, a snow storm, and even more?


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In pilates, as in life, if something seems easy, then chances are that I am doing it wrong.  When I first started taking classes I smugly thought gosh, I'm pretty good at this, I must be really strong and naturally gifted.  But it turns out that I just wasn't doing it right.

As classes have progressed we have focused on various [...]

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Years ago, in an improv acting class, two participants had taken the stage. They started with a page from a Streetcar Named Desire and then let it flow from there. They were so in the moment that they swept up the rest of us. For several minutes they created a world that felt entirely real. Suddenly one of the participants broke. Looking totally exasperated, she said she couldn't do it anymore. The rest of us snapped out of the scene like cold water had wrenched us from a trance.


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New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Every one has New Year's Resolutions, but how can we manage to keep up with them?  In this week's AUM on the GO! video, Johnson invites the question of how we sustain and succeed in manifesting what we envision.

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I was fading out on the train. The rocking felt boat-like. I drifted into to studio early and tried out the magical foot machine that I had heard praised. In particular, it squeezes the feet and calves with surprising pressure. It is delicious, indulgent, a little naughty even.

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A Beneficient, Furry Drum Major

That thing I said last week about the work out not feeling like a working - that was bullsh*t. This week it was on. There was the standard, somewhat embarrassing trembling, but there was full on burn, internal cursing and mental gymnastics, i.e., The Buddha says, "there's nothing inherently good or bad about this situation, it just is". That thought process is good for another couple seconds worth of endurance.

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"Back in the day" I had a physical job. I hung from ropes in highly uncomfortable positions doing some pretty dangerous stuff. Often, every muscle clenched - from brow to sphincter.  65 feet up a tree with a chainsaw running, body twisted and getting ready to unleash big, dynamic forces, it was hard to be mindful.


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