The language of the body permeated today's class: Can you feel this part of your body having a dialogue with that part?  Can you foster a relationship between the front body and the back body? Can you feel how, in this position, what is going on with your arms that speak to the alignment of your lower body? Do you notice how one side will almost speak a different language from the equal on the other side?

Indeed, I did; the left leg has habits that the right leg doesn't. The right side of my back sings like a high-tensile wire in the wind while the left takes it easy.

The cuing that led us through class animated our backs, urged us to breathe into them, filled them out in unanticipated directions, illuminated them as spacious and mutable, multi-dimensional. So accustomed to thinking of a back as nothing more than a troublesome plane and a giver of pain, in a few moments of mindfulness, I felt the full potential of my breath.
With child-like brightness and flexibility, Courtney perched up on a shelf while she taught. Talking about the feet, her toes headed out in different directions, looking more like fingers - illustrating the possibility of rightfully reclaiming our inherent flexibility and range of motion.

Written by Alec B
Body Banter