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Of My Body

Oh Anya, I was sitting in a library minutes before arriving for the weekly session, studying medical terminology. I wished for a bit more time with the books but my hips were quite sore from the previous three-day Thai massage training I had led and mentally I needed the "workout" knowing that it might be the one and only time of the week that I would be led through the traversing wonders of my bodies: physical, mental, and spiritual.

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Secular S.E.L.F: (S.ecular E.go’s L.egislated F.rame) and True S.E.L.F (S.ublimely E.mbracing L.ove/F.reedom)

Across the board in all major traditions, there is a very evident cultivation of the Self to be the best version that one can possibly be.  Rites of passage into manhood or womanhood exist in all kinds of varying customs and cultural variations, all with the emphasis on growth and heading towards or becoming a fuller version of who one already is.


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Nursery Basics

As I continue to explore my practice at Anya, I am at the same time progressing into the later stages of my pregnancy. And from day-to-day physical changes and new challenges are made apparent. Still, knowing this body is a healthy home, a safe haven, providing a nourishing environment for my already bouncing baby boy is empowering. But the physical manifestation is also the result of an organic, ongoing mind+body dialogue, facilitating this profound miracle!


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A Pregnant Pause

In recent posts, I never addressed the fact that I am pregnant! But by now, as I begin my third trimester, it is kind of hard to ignore! As an active person, I’ve remained so throughout my pregnancy, and besides typical first trimester nausea and a few brutal bouts with menacing migraines early on, I embraced my slowly shifting shape and never really felt inhibited or encumbered by it! Until now!


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Pilates and Running

It was a simple instruction on the Reformer: Reach out through the base of the big toe, activate the baby toe - reach it out to the side and perhaps back a bit.  In response, I felt the adductors blink and wake up. Or was it Sartorious? Whichever muscle or group of muscles that are responsible for inner rotation sprung into action. My legs worked more at ease within their natural frame lines.


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Aum and Alchemy

The first time I set foot into Studio Anya  I thought wow, what is this place? ANYA ~ Applied Neo Yogic Awareness ~ yes please, I will have some of that! The header of the webpage says "A Yoga and Pilates Sanctuary".......but for me, this place felt like a sacred sanctuary, as if I had journeyed to some far away, [...]

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Hip Pain

I had been looking forward to the semi-private Pilates session for weeks. I let Courtney know that I had pain deep in my hip. She warned me that it might get temporarily worse/magnified. I was willing because her subtext was, "the work will be worth it."


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AUM through ART: The Observologist

Who is the Observologist?  

The Observologist is the main character in Faculty 2 and represents our human existence in the role of the Inner Stenographer and Journalist.  Imagine an omniscient narrator holding the lens and consciously zooming in or out depending on levels of curiosity, comfort and concentration. The Observologist is the full spectrum spectator of our experiences –the one who people watches, “rubbernecks” and absorbs the whole scene. [...]

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Artistic Alignment

“Art is the literacy of the heart”  --Elliot Eisner

In my writing, I often take personal experiences to help relate to others, offer insights and most important, establish connections I would not otherwise have consciously designed. With all of the intellectual work that goes into writing, formulating coherent thoughts and aiming to connect with one’s audience, I had rarely stopped to take the time to focus on the rest of my Self – the body, the spirit – that connects our thoughts to actions. [...]

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Project AUM: SutraHymn #1

"Stand Tall! Face the day, awaken the real."
Such words already command power over us, but Kristin Porter - modern jazz vocalist extraordinaire - creates a work of art that when listened to wraps us in a nest of inspiration.  Kristin takes our Faculty 1 Sutranym  and creates a powerful work of art for our ears in our very first "Sutra-Hymn".

Take [...]

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Break a Leg!

I'm in the middle of Anya class, minding my own business, when the phrase "Break a Leg!" pops into my head and sticks. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard this while quaking in the wings preparing for an entrance onto the stage. It has become so familiar, that I almost don't even think about it anymore. I wouldn't want to actually break my leg. It certainly would be inconvenient to happen in the middle of class. And yet, there it was, tagging itself as my intention for the day.

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Re-Calibrating Asymmetries

As a doctor who addresses patients' desires for facial perfection on a daily basis, I am the first to point out that we are all asymmetrical.  I know, for example, that my right eye does not open as wide as my left eye when I smile, and that a bump on the right side of my nose makes it very difficult to find sunglasses that sit straight on my face.


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Congealed and Uncongealed

Our weekly semi-private session had been on hiatus over the summer, which means it had been a while since last I took care of myself.  So when the instructor asked how we felt my first thought was, "older". While the 30s are infinitely more fun than I've ever had, physically I feel less and less forgiveness - a solidifying of sorts, or maybe more of a congealing. It's worrisome.


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Body Language

The language of the body permeated today's class: Can you feel this part of your body having a dialogue with that part?  Can you foster a relationship between the front body and the back body? Can you feel how, in this position, what is going on with your arms that speak to the alignment of your lower body? Do you notice how one side will almost speak a different language from the equal on the other side?


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AUM through Art: Atmatype Drawings – A Collaborative Dialectic

NYC Multimedia Artist, Carlos Vazquez shares his views and answers our questions about the Atmatypes and his stunning visual interpretations created specifically for us!  Check out Carlos' interview below, then check out his amazing visual works based on each of the 22 Faculties. [...]

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AUM through Movement: Enliven the Hands Workshop

In March of 2012 we began our free movement workshop series presented by Perceptions Dance and Studio Anya that assists in the artistic exploration of the AUM Curriculum while teaching its techniques through movement and dance.   Kate Enright joined us for our very first workshop to explore some of the AUM Curriculum techniques through movement.  Our second workshop was led by AUM Curriculum creator Courtney Bauer. [...]

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Just Breathe! (B.ringing R.enewed E.nergy A.round T.he H.idden E.ntrails)

In times of difficulty, stress or nervousness, we often hear a very familiar phrase from another caring soul, “Just Breathe.”  But what does that even mean?  Aren't we breathing 20,000 times a day already?

Our bodies record the stories that play out during our lives. Our breathing patterns shed light on the parenthesis between the phrases -- elucidating insights about our state of being and doing--  as one moment unfolds into the next ...


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AUM through ART: The Secular Self

Project AUM began with the exploration of the AUM Curriculum through dance, and has since blossomed into AUM through the Arts.  Carlos Vazquezz, NYC multimedia artist and Studio Anya Student is the first of our visual artists to bring the AUM Curriculum to life.

The Secular Self is the main character in Faculty 1 and represents our human existence as seen from the [...]

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Aha is a Teacher’s Ta Da!

A dear friend once told me that the easiest way to learn is to teach others. Truth be told when asked what I do for a living I often want to answer, ‘I’m a full time student’ but I realize this doesn’t exactly compute. I spend much of my days teaching private yoga and pilates classes – surely I should answer ‘I’m a teacher.’ In all honesty I never learn as much as when I see the ‘aha!’ moment in a student’s eye and know that what I’m working to convey is known and felt and much like the Velveteen Rabbit – made real. [...]

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Tense Sense

Before my private pilates circuit session today with the sweetest of the sweet Sarah, I was dragging myself to make the walk to Anya. I have been battling a bout of insomnia for the past two nights and the lack of rest had seriously effected my ability to articulate my muscles in even the simplest of motions. My brain felt fatigued and refused to cooperate. My mind and my body were simply not connecting, the conversation was weak. But Sarah’s bright spirit and smiling heart is always inspiring, and she compassionately challenged and encouraged me-my body and my brain-to enliven and awaken! [...]

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