Constant change – the phrase is essentially a paradox. If something is constant, it’s unchanging, unwavering, stable. If something is changing, it’s moving, evolving, transforming. The two words are opposites, and yet placed side by side they somehow mean the greatest joke in life. Nothing is ever, in fact or theory, constant.

The past week has been incredibly successful at proving this point to me. As I prepared to move to Vermont for the summer, trillions of small and large things kept popping up to demand my constant (but changing) attention. And now I’m suddenly in Vermont, miles away from anywhere I could call home, wondering how my life has led me to this point, and trying to find some sense of security and, well, constancy.

So, here I am, standing in the middle of someone else’s house, inconstant, drifting, moving, trying desperately to be perfectly still. And then it hit me. No matter how asymmetrical I am, no matter how out of alignment I am, no matter how off balance, all I have to do is find my center. Because my center is constant. It doesn’t change. It doesn’t move. It is the mover, the transformer. It is still.

Which brings me to Anya teacher training, day one. Anya is a catalyst for change. Honestly, the first time I heard that, I was slightly miffed. After all, change is not always good. But it isn’t about random, out-of-control, the-ground-is-shifting-under-your-feet change. It’s about the change that naturally occurs when you find your center, your stability, yourself.

And that’s the true paradox of constant change. Constancy is the greatest change agent of all.