Mind+Body Awareness

"Every single thing changes always in this world. Yet with the same light the moon goes on shining." -Saigyo

Patanjali, the Father of Yoga, appoints concentration, meditation and reflection as the three constituents of “detached awareness” through which the essence of wisdom is illuminated. Sounds pithy and to the point, yet quickly grows dense and confusing when applied to real life. While conceptual stumbling blocks often complicate the translation of “detached awareness” to Western culture, it’s also just plain challenging to sustain a practice of concentration, meditation and reflection on a regular basis.

From the lofty to the logistical, Curriculum Aum dissolves the impediments and distills the many layers of “Quantum Consciousness” in a rewarding routine based on the notion of: “take a moment, to simple notice it.” In this practice, we make “it” a character in a process of somatic identification or what we call: “subjectifying the it”. Little by little, we build a bridge to enlightenment by making “it” happen for real.

Increased sentience, engaged over time, improves focus, inspires creativity and deepens knowledge of all kinds. When we exercise our Imagination + Intellect, we cultivate Intuition as our true voice. These 3Is join together as the Third Eye or what Spiritualists consider the “inner eye” or gateway to higher consciousness. When the 3Is look through the Love Lens, the fog of delusion dissipates and the power of Attention to shape our Intention shows like a clear blue sky.

To sharpen Attention/Intention (“AI”) lucidity we incrementally immerse in a series of lessons or chapters of study called U.nits to amplify the essence of nouns like clarity, trust, surrender and love in the form of feeling verbs. This Concept-Action crossover, involves the application of blueprinting techniques called U.nconscious U.tilities –to map (M.indful A.ction P.lan) out change in prescriptive doses.

A powerhouse transformer, like the Mother Earth, Mind + Body Awareness sustains our existence. As the earth revolves around the sun, consciousness orbits the whole picture, shining light on our unique position in the quantum field. As the foundation for the growth of all other things, Mind + Body Awareness roots us deeply in a here and now reality.

Take a moment to feel the feet supported by the earth, ground deeply to access the heart of the matter, and simply notice the L.aw O.f V.astness E.xpressing: each breath intricately connected with our organic nature, mmm, yes, as Rilke would say: “Sunny, earthy – real”…

Let’s get started…