Faculty 1: Unconscious Utilities

"There is nothing insignificant in the world. It all depends on the point of view." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Get interested!  Be Curious!

Blueprinting Techniques to explore the Law of Magnetism:

Invoking awareness begins with learning how to make modules (information containers) that allow us to file our points of interest in a way that invites “purposeful fidgeting” or conscious micro-shifts in Mind+Body Awareness.

1. Modules:

  • Our themes, Topic, Tag Phrases
  • The Macro
  •  Curiosity’s container – creates space to hold i.nformation & t.ime
  • Featured crush or shiny subject of interest
  • Somatic file to be consciously stored in a compendium of feelings.
  • What is X? When our Attention/Intention (The Love Lens) focuses on and subjectifies “X “ as “IT” (investigating things/ in time/ illuminates truth)
  • A jar to hold a lightning bug

2. Points

  • The items/factors/details that characterize the aspects of the module.
  • The Micro or Minutiae
  • The parts within the whole.
  • The featured components of a system of dynamic relationships.
  • The Elements at play with Push and Pull
  • The single Step – in “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
  • A World within World Worldview
  • A lightning bug
  • There are several types of pointers to truth:
    1. Marker Points: Featured subject of interest for each Anatomical Assessment. In F1-12 these are all bony landmarks.
    2.  Main Points: Areas of interest in an Anatomical Assessment. Key factors in any area of focus.
    3. Push & Pull Points: Push & Pull feelings can be ascribed to all kinds of points. But some marker points have systematized orientations.
    4. Center Seek & Center Flee Points: Points that travels either toward or away from a perceived centerline. (learn more F5)
    5. End Points: Used To create a finite spectrum to map a line of excursion. (Learn more F3 & F5)
    6. Mid Points: The midway point between end points. A potential hub for mutuality/equipoise. (Learn more F6)
    7. Intersect Points: Where two or more lines meet and share space. (Learn more F6)
    8. Anchor Points: points that remain still, measured and fastened in space. (Learn more F4)
    9. Check Points: quality assurance points- as factors layer -- come back to these points to establish integration. (Learn more F7)
    10. 10. Vulnerability Points: "buttons", "wounds", "scars", "adhesions = bundles of impediments", "hot spots", "trigger points" (Learn more F11)
    11. Peace Points: Single Points of Focus functioning as portals to healing/source connection. (Learn more F8)
    12. Karma Points: Samkaras or bundles of adhesions projected into the Holographic Field, Clear a Samskara & Get Good Karma Points:) (Learn more F9-15)

3. Purposeful Fidgeting:

  • Movement from point A to point B, etc. as intra and Inter module travel
  • Unconscious energy patterns made conscious through the exploration of Push & Pull.
  • Mind + Body Exploration
  • Making Pathways
  • Mindful Micro-Movement as Medicine
  • There are 19 “Purposeful Fidgets” in the Mind + Body Dialogue