Faculty 2: Unconscious Utilities

“The walking is in the raising of the foot as in the laying of it down” - Rabindranath Tagore

Start to actively notice! Be alert!

Blueprinting Techniques to explore the Law of Consciousness:

To get in touch with reality, learn to scan and sketch experiential data. Practice labeling sensory details as a way to keep the mind on track and in the present moment. Entrain sustained focus through dynamic meditation exercises based on call and response quizzing.

Explore the following Unconscious Utilities with an eye on Personalizing Paradox - hover in the experience of being alive to realize the Mind + Body Dialogue from the perspective of a caring eye and a loving lens.

1. Scan & Sketch:

  • Where is it? (Locate, Intellect, Objective)
  • What’s it look like? (Identify, Imagination, Subjective)
  • What is Memory?
  • Subjectify the “it”
  • How do I know it exists?

2. Labeling:

  • Naming the “ing” (movement mantra & warm up for dynamic meditation)
  • Naming the parts within the whole (points in the module)
  • Naming sensation for Somatic Files, (like Self-Monitoring)
  • What’s “it” doing?
  • A priming technique for “Naming” emotions and feelings.

3. Quizzing:

  • Mimicking, Modeling, Faking till Making
  • Medicine for Attention Deficit Stuff
  • Creates tracking for travel in the 4Mind States & Fields of Awareness
  • A call & response technique for applying concepts in real time.
  • A improvisational version of “scripting”.
  • Clears the retrieval cob webs and primes for Mind + Body Fitness
  • Paves the way through the 5 Levels of Competence