Faculty 3: Unconscious Utilities

"Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."  - Henry David Thoreau

Let’s interpret data with an open mind! Be discerning!

Blueprinting Techniques to explore the Law of Polarities:

Investigate the elements through the practice of self -defining/self –designing. Learning how to “sit” within the ongoing flux of movement to “live the questions” about preferences and proclivities. Take a moment to explore how “this or that” codifications influence patterns and habits. Carefully establish frames of reference to mobilize Mind + Body Awareness.

1. Somatic Inquiry Training:

  • A “sit”, Asana means to sit—sit in the shape deeper and ask some strategic questions to foster awareness.
  • “Live the Questions”, seek here and now answers from the Body’s perspective.
  • Socratic Method to discern felt sense information about: How would it feel? Where is it? Can you find? What would it be like? Is it possible? What if? See how it would be? Etc…
  • A way to plant seeds and override guards and disconnects.

2. This or That:

  • Playing with polarities in order to build a platform for paradox.
  • Each faculty has 2 polarity pairs.
  • Contrast Centric, first step in the process of integration – a way to decipher patterns & preferences in the personal profile.
  • Creating the endpoints within which gradients and the midpoint are established, charted and texturized.
  • First dose medicine for Dueling Dualism.

3. Frame

  • Positioning Contour lines for defining shapes in proprioception, perspective and terms of agreement.
  • Done mainly with Arms & Legs to individuating and clarify boundaries.
  • There are 4 Extrinsic or Contour Lines but also many other important lines of differentiation like “the leg/hip differentiation” line.