Faculty 4: Unconscious Utilities

"Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting something go every day." - Zen Proverb

Define a code of ethics! Be reflective!

Blueprinting Techniques to explore the Law of Mutuality:

Centered actions begin with centerlining our choices in a way that empties the clutter and equalizes personal themes like passion & reason, soft & firm, challenge & ease etc. in order to inspire authenticity in our decision- making.

1. Centerline:  

  • The midsaggital line as the conceptual benchmark for symmetry and left/right centering.
  • Has 8 anterior points: Sides of Big toes, Inner Ankle Bones, Inner Knees, Pubic Bone, Navel, Breast Bone, Tip of Nose, Crown of Head. (Bottom Up)
  • Has 8 posterior points: Crown of head, Suboccipital Points, C7, Mirror of the Navel L4, Tail bone, Inner knees, Inner ankle bones, Sides of Big Toes. (Top Down)

2. Empty:

  • Zen term for releasing clutter, like tabla rassa or the beginner’s mind.
  • Empty the triangle (root chakra and Shakti symbology) at the center of gravity- directs energy down the legs and up the spine.
  • Engages the Pelvic Floor and the Transverse Abdominus to stabilize the hips
  • Provides a mirror to the sacrum, creating a front and back awareness in space.
  • Empty the extrinsic to enter the intrinsic Plenum.

3. Equalize:

  • Make space & weight distribution the same for each element
  • Harmonizes cadence
  • Tuning in and adjusting for equilibrium, responsiveness and dynamic proportion