Faculty 5: Unconscious Utilities

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” - Buddha

Let’s rationalize our theories to make sure they make sense!

To affect alchemy the seeker experiences the level of anxiety associated with “the search” for meaning/connection. Crossing-Over to Anya begins with expanding and contracting as the instrumental compass for charting our right direction in relationship with center and the active pursuit of core connection.

In Faculty 1, we tapped into the Law of Magnetism through the practice of acknowledgement, in Faculty 2 we examined the Law of Consciousness through the art of witnessing the here and now, In faculty 3 we focused on the Law of Polarities through defining differences, in Faculty 4 we honored the Law of Mutuality to construct centered-theories and in  faculty 5 we test out our work with the following blueprinting techniques to explore the Law of Reciprocity ...

1.    Direction: 

  • Anatomical Position
  • Center-Seek & Center- Flee
  • Body as a Compass
  • Breath as a Pioneer

2.    Expansion & Contraction: 

  • Range of Expression
  • Dynamic Breathing
  • Integration of Opposites
  • Proof of Existence

3.    Connecting: 

  • Creating lines between 2 points that may cross centerline
  • bridging the gap between elements (mind + body, thoughts + actions, vision + manifest)
  • Making Pathwa