Faculty 7: Units



Systematize a method for knowing (f7)

Polarity Pairs:  Challenge/Ease, Quality/Quantity

Faculty 6 Sutranym:

Create Flow! Name the goal, Cue the tasks.

  • Create: C.ause R.eciprocates E.ffect A.nd T.ransformationE.volves
  • Flow: F.ocus L.ess O.n W.orries (Forgiveness Lessens Our Workload)
  • Name: N.otice A.ffect, M.indfully E.valuate
  • Cue: C.onscious/U.nconscious E.xchange


While Curriculum AUM is a complete Mind + Body System, The Sagebook (it's formalized written component) is still a work in progress.  For this reason, some information is unavailable.  More information on Faculty 7 Unit will be coming soon…