Faculty 2: Units

"Remember the constant mirroring that goes on twenty-four hours within you, silently watching everything. Slowly, slowly clean it — there is so much dust on it, centuries of dust. Remove the dust. And one day, when the mirror is completely clean, those moments of witnessing and not witnessing will disappear; you will be simply a witness." -Osho


Now, collect some data, as a witness... (f2)

In the Bible, “To sit at the feet means to occupy the place of a learner” (Dt 33:3; Lk 10:39; Acts 22:3). In the Upanishads this is called “witnessing”. According to Curriculum AUM, to actively notice and collect information about our reality requires a level of presence that anchors us in our bodies and creates a spirit of curiosity.

To observe our feet, for example, inspires the act of rooting deeply with the here and now. We must see clearly how the etchings of our foot- prints shape the path so that we can move boldly in the direction of our dreams! We needn’t rewind or fast-forward, add on or delete—witnessing happens in the raw – let’s capture the live footage first and allow the edits to follow.

When our sense organs participate with the here and now environment we foster a deep connection with the "isness". This Self-embodiment expands our field of awareness to inhabit a quality of mind that engages the riddle of existence. As self remembers self, we demystify consciousness in moments when we know we exist and that the things around and within us also exist. Essentially, we learn to go slow even at the speed of light!

Polarity Pair: Zoom In – Zoom Out, Internal – External

Faculty 2 Sutranym:

Careful, Go Slow!  Witness the themes, label the details.

  • CarefulC.onsider A.ll R.equisite E.ntities F.or U.nderstanding/L.earning
  • Go SlowG.rowth O.pportunity - S.et L.ive O.wn W.ork
  • Set LiveS.ubtle E.nergy T.ransfers --  L.etting I.n V.isceral E.xperiences
  • Own WorkO.rdering W.hat's N.eeded --  W.illfully O.ccasioning R.ight K.arma
  • Label: L.isten A.ttentively B.ow E.ach L.esson