Mind+Body Dialogue

“In a true dialogue both sides are willing to change.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Even though the great inspirational leader Lao Tzu distinguishes that the Tao that can be told and named is not the eternal Tao, we, as social creatures, still crave more discussion about the way things are. From what it is like to see the color blue to how we know all the things we do, comprehending the nuances of the mind remains one of the greatest mysteries in science.

To describe the ineffable factors in even the most familiar experience engages a spirit of practical Mysticism. Curriculum AUM refers to this perspicacity process as a type of “Qualia Conversation” to be fleshed out through discourse, as an active exchange between the Mind + Body.

The Mind + Body Dialogue engenders passageways for meaningful communication between the seen and the unseen aspects of our daily lives. Through the art of abstraction, we subjectify the body in a series of Anatomical Assessments and to each one assign a guardian or an Atmatype as the main character.

For example, when we allegorize a Warrior in the Shoulders, a Seeker in the Ribs, a Channel in the Spine, Divine Mothers in the Dura Maters and even an AUM Trinity in the Triune Brain, we recognize the full story: our biology and our biography are inexorably linked.

The mind knows the body tells the tale (or as Martha Graham declares, “The body does not lie!”) and the body knows the mind holds the key to unlocking it all. Moment by moment, profound and prolific exchanges take place within and it is our duty to regulate the communication flow.

Like the element of fire, we blaze pathways between our thoughts and actions to illuminate the many moods holding our perceptual lens. In accordance with Carl Jung, “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”

The Mind + Body Dialogue is the radiant catalyst to ignite this vision. As we build rapport between our inner and outer stories, we build authentic relationships between opposites of all sorts.Through the caring eyes of a Love Lens, we travel near and far, as above as below, from the surface to the marrow, like a passionate campaign to bring sunlight and verification to all constituents of our being.