Anatomical Assessment

"Don't explain your philosophy. Embody it." - Epictetus

The Core Story: Faculties 1-4

Believe in the world. The future rests gently in the palm of our hands. Root the feet into the earth to feel the enormity of this exertion. Imbibe nourishment from the ground up.  Earn strong legs to stand on to hit our stride in the marketplace and walk our path up the mount. No matter where we go, however, the goal is to live authentically. Embody the questions.  Appreciate all sides of nature but shoot from the hips with quiet candor and unassuming confidence.

The Inner Story: Faculties 5-12

Many decisions require knowing this from that, but some equations pose a sea of oppositional options. Go slow. Explore the factors. Touch the surface to stir the depths or simply breathe. Engage the ribs to expand and contract with the dimensions of space and time. In the process, claim what's wholly just and immediate: Release the weight of the world from the shoulders and forgive the shadow heart. Now, wrap up in the arms of grace, access real support and earnestly embrace what needs to get done.  Will is born of willingness, so soften the jaw, lengthen the neck and allow the true voice of expression to emerge. No matter what, hold the head high, then, put it on straight. Regardless of where we've been even seconds ago, our ears and eyes are capable of seeing and hearing truth, now. Get quiet and tune in. Unfurl the brow to open the mind to new possibilities. Connect the crown of the head towards the infinite sky with equal conviction of grounding the feet.

The Limbo Story: Faculties 13-15

Weave between the spaces of each vertebra. Get a spine. Find the temple. Shine the luminescent light within and illuminate the pearlescent womb as a collective and visceral mastermind. Empty the extrinsic to enter the intrinsic plenum. At the core of existence, is mystery, magic and magnanimous power.

The Outer Story: Faculties 16-19

Take a stance to exalt beauty, compassion and grace. Breathe life into an Intuitive Evolution! Model the stature of the change needed in the world. Live the example in ways that inspire others to heal and get strong.  More and more, lend a helping hand to those in need.

The Wisdom Seat: Faculties 20-22

Elevate the Mind + Body system. Let the Spirit take flight as the Soul plugs in to the infinite source of wisdom of the ancient heart. Feel the Aum Trinity come alive within all the parts of the Mind + Body connection and know the Essential Self as divinely, whole.