Faculty 3: Anatomical Assessment

“Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow; He who would search for pearls must dive below.” - John Dryden

The Legs

"Individuate the Legs"

When s.oftening i.nward g.enerates h.ealing, we have strong legs to stand on…

When's the last time we were chased by a Saber Tooth Tiger? According to our legs, it might as well have been this morning! Our legs are both sprinters and marathon runners and they are understandably tired from the thousands of steps they take each day.

Even when we are weak in the knees, for example, we still cast the legs as the primary movers and often times without the support of the core stabilizers. In order to revitalize the legs we must explore our patterns of favoritism and how to individuate the legs to action from a more centralized impetus, as above so below.

As we become more curious about how the legs operate, we draw our attention/intention like a love lens to zoom in to the distinctions between the left and right leg. With the caring tone of a beloved friend and the insightful moxie of a Jungian therapist, we engage each leg in a series of therapeutic questions in order to understand distinctions in vulnerabilities and strengths .

Our overall goal, however, is to build rapport at an infrastructural depth required to establish good boundaries between the legs and hips. Differentiation at the Hip/Leg line is a primary project for core awakening. Assigning the legs and the hips as sovereign players in a well -defined team allows just the right amount of space and direction to restore, F.rame (&) L.ighten O.ur W.ound (Flow).

Marker Points: Balls of Femur (The Pearls)

Main Points: 4 Leg Bones: Tibia (thick), Fibula (thin),  Patella,  Lateral & Medial Epicondyles (knuckles) Femur (super strong) with Greater & Lesser Trochanters (knobs) and a Neck (Gateway to the Pearl)

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