Faculty 4: Anatomical Assessment

"I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being." - Confucius

The Hips [singlepic id=79 w=320 h=240 float=right]

"Stabilize the Hips"

When we S.top t.a.pply y.oga (stay) and simply n.otice o.ur w.hereabouts (now) we know how to shoot from the hip with authenticity and grace…

The desire to feel centered is a popular goal often expressed as "I need more balance in my life". And even though a multi- billion dollar a year industry supplies a barrage of solutions to our rescue we just can't seem to shake the feeling of being out of whack. The father of Taoism nailed it somewhere back in the BCEs: "At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want." A humbling prescription, and yet - where do we begin? If we take Lao Tzu's advice to be literal, let's start by finding the center of our being.

To seek balance, learn how to locate and stabilize the hips at the center of gravity. If we want to be more centered we gotta shoot from the hips, so to speak, and straight talk our way to the action and go to the source! Lucille Clifton, in "homage to my hips" claims: "these hips are free hips, they don't like to be held back, these hips have never been enslaved." What do our hips say? Do they feel liberated and strong?

First, learn the vocabulary like mapping terrain: hips sockets, sacrum, pubic bone, iliac crest for starters. Next, like a course on Kantian noumenon, the notion that objects can be known as a "thing in itself", or what Curriculum Aum refers to as "subjectify the it", cast the role of the hips as the inner Philosopher. When a thing becomes a character we can abstract a dialogue between elements, in this example, we promote the hips as the intermediary negotiator between the mind and the body.

Through heightened attention/intention on this core conversation, we connect intimately with our choices to clarify alignment and purpose. In time and through practice, the hips take on the role as the prime decision maker and lead the way towards a more balanced way of life. After all the hips reside at the center of our choices to grow up and ground down, now that's undeniably hip!

To know thyself, focus on center, the place wherein truth awaits, and c.ultivate a. l.iving m.editation (calm) that promotes well-being and resilience. Living the questions, as a philosophy of movement, harvests the answers from deep within -- giving access to a bounty of profound peace.

Marker Points: Sit Bones (Infinity Symbol)

Main Points: Sit Bones, Obturator Foramen, Sacrum, Ilium, Iliac Crest, Sacroiliac Joint, Pubis, ASIS, Coccyx

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