I am

“I took a deep breath — listened to the old bray of my heart. I am I am I am. ” - Silvia Plath

Dear Wisdom Seat,

So … not only do I have a name (f1, The Secular Self) but I feel like I exist (f2, The Observologist) for a reason (f3, The Wounded) because I have beliefs (f4, The Philosopher) that I experience as real (f5, The Seeker) and I know how to appreciate both sides in light of center (f6, The Warrior), I get my work done (f7, The Practitioner) and I take pride in the uniqueness of my craft (f8, The Artist) but I am also humble and work hard to simplify (f9, The Renunciate) so that my perceptions are sharp and fresh (f10, The Diviner) and I can easily see where my strengths and vulnerabilities reside (f11, The Agent) in order to make good decisions that best support the whole picture (f12, The Liaison), ones in sync with my ultimate potential (f13, The Channel) and that emanate from the deepest chambers of my being (f14, The Healer) in ways that liberate others along their paths (f15, The Shaman) and more and more, I am truly comfortable in my skin (f16, The Awakened) with peace in my heart (f17. The Enlightened) that I happily share with others (f18, The Teacher) as I commit to life- long learning (f19, The Student).


The 19 Atmatypes of the Essential Self



Dearest Essential Self,

We guide, inspire and protect your heart.  We are with you ever step of the way– eager and ready to show you how magical you are. (F20, 21, 22, The Coach, The Muse & The Prophet)


The 3  Brahmantypes of the Aum Trinity.