Mind+Body Fitness

“We are all sculptors and painters and our material is our flesh and blood and bones.” - Henry David Thoreau

The Buddha says we’ll find things like health, contentment, trust, joy, and freedom to be our greatest possessions when we look within and become still. Similarly, all the gold in the earth has already been created so the challenge lies in finding it and building the infrastructure to mine it rather than trying to invent it.

As noted in history, a Gold-Rush can bring up all sorts of stuff along the way, so no matter where we’re digging, it’s important to procure the proper tools, maintain the highest regard for the ecosystem and proceed with humility in order to unearth the hidden treasures. Whether digging for gold in the mine or on the mat, it’s essential to shine the light at the best angles to enrich both the process and the end result.

Curriculum Aum presents Mind + Body Fitness as a magical elixir formulated in a systematic series of vibrant exercises to reveal our deepest potential. It is a transcendental routine of M.ovement and M.editation, in which the clarification of patterns takes on a primary role in our process style. Learning to be present in our bodies connects us with our inner terrain and deeply engages our relationship with decision-making.

As the ultimate carrier between intention and manifest, Mind + Body Fitness purifies and nourishes our channels in the same way water flushes out toxins and delivers nutrients and oxygen to our cells. A seamless web of luminescent exchanges coalesces as pathways to shape our form in divinely inspired proportions. Just like the flow of water makes the stones smooth, working out becomes a method for washing away adhesion.

As a medium to re-charge our vessel with premium energy, vitality and strength, Mind + Body Fitness is indeed a way to sculpt change. In this perspective, mindful motion acts like an alchemical potion made of pure “quintessence,” reeling the finest silks around each and every bone.

From ocean waves in sync with breath to the placid lake through which the “beholder measures the depth of his own nature” (Thoreau), bodies of water mirror our true reflection. According to a Slovakian proverb, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine,” but we’d like to add movement and meditation to the list! Through dynamic stillness, Mind + Body Fitness mobilizes our core power, redeems our will, rarifies our connection within and strikes GOLD!

Let’s get started…