Celebrate existence! (f1) Seek Truth (f2). Take comfort in the web of life (f3). Know love is at the center of it all (f4) – just like the jewel in the lotus (f5). When times get tough, receive help from trustworthy sources (f6). Don’t fight! (f7). Focus on happiness and freedom (f8), create a prosperity plan (f9),  illuminate the intellect (f10) to cultivate works of beauty and wisdom (f11). Synchronize the breath to channel the expanse (f12). Step into the cosmic womb (f13). Rest here any time. (f14) Emerge lighter and sing out in praise to celebrate the joy in life (f15)! Take delight in simple things (f16) but know that the of v.astness e.xpressing takes on many forms. Stay humble, study holy scriptures and memorize works of goodness. (f17) A. U.niversal M.oment (f18) joins us in namaste (F19) and weaves lasting peace (F20) within our whole being (f21) like a s sweet salve for the heart (f22).