Faculty 10: Meditation

"To the illuminated mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light." - Ralph Waldo Emerson



Illuminate the intellect (f10)


Also known as the “Guru Mantra ” or “the Mother of the Vedas”, the Gayatri speaks from the heavens and yet connects us to the earth. According to the Bhagavat Gita, a Hindu epic whose name alone means: Song of God, the Gayatri Mantra shares space with Avatars. In this ultimate comparison, Lord Krishna announces to Arjuna - "Among all the mantras, I am the Gayatri".

Like a strand of Rudraksha Beads, each sound is intricately threaded to bring about an esoteric state of awareness. Consisting of 24 syllables -- the Gayatri is a vigorous and pervasive mantra that permeates every aspect of our being. Organized in a poetical meter of three distinct lines with eight syllables each – the Gayatri literally breathes.

Recite the Gayatri and rejoice the Sun-- “Tat, that one who’s Eternal wisdom glows in the dark. Like the bell of a jellyfish in the deep sea – expanding and contracting in rhythmic waves -- the sounds of this ancient mantra illuminate our hearts.

Listen to the Gayatri:

Faculty 10 MudraMudra

Heart Guard Mudra

Heart Guard Mudra is a humble gesture that speaks to the Anahata or Heart Chakra (In Sanskrit the word anahata means “unhurt” and is thought to be aligned with the sound of the celestial realm). A variation of Western Prayer (f4), the Heart Guard Mudra names the webbings of the fingers as a pivotal junction between the palm of the hand (as the root) and the finger stems (as individuated branches). When the hands intertwine in this integrated configuration they create a powerful field of awareness.

As a shield to external influences -- Heart Guard Mudra provides the focus needed to see through the eyes of the felt sense. Lesson learned is one of perception: the power of touch is an elucidating force of nature.

In Practice:


Glisten like a snowflake enlightened by the moon. Rest the ears and eyes and take a break from all the noise. Come home within. Gaze gently upon the heart and listen attentively to silence…

  1. Begin with Namaste Friction & Namaste Push Pull, 2 minutes.
  2. Place hands in a spontaneous manner on the heart. Take a few moments to simply notice the expression of breath there.
  3. Now, create Western Prayer Mudra (f4) and briskly friction the heels of the hands for 1 minute, breath naturally.
  4. Come to a still point. Now, close the eyes and separate the heels of the hands and pull the base of the thumbs apart (while maintaining the integration of the finger stems).
  5. Place Heart Guard Mudra on the Sea of Tranquility (the breast plate). Take in a deep breath and then sigh (s.oftening i.nward g.enerates h.ealing). Continue to breathe naturally and feel the heart beating. 3 minutes.
  6. Release the mudra—return hands (palms open) onto knees. Breathe deep and steady. And ask the following question: How would it feel to hear wisdom speak from the heart? What would this look like as a painting -- what colors are most prominent?
  7. Ly down into a relaxing pose and allow time to “be” with this idea of knowing– even if that means you fall asleep.  3 minutes

Guided Meditation: