Faculty 2: Meditation

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” - Mahatma Gandhi


Sat Nam

Seek Truth! (f2)

Sat Nam is a seed mantra often used in Kundalini practices. In Sanskrit, Sat = Truth & Nam = Name. “Truth is my identity” is a fair translation as long as identity is synonymous with the L.aw O.f V.astness E.xpressing (LOVE) in the A.lmighty U.niversal M.ystery (AUM).

Like the meditation technique “neti neti”, not this -not this, Sat Nam distinguishes the “it” factors that i.mitate t.ruth. Like inner soothsayers—Sat Nam initiates sound waves in the form of elucidating vibrations that expose false thoughts or feelings. As a result of this clarity, guardians take the place of guards and new “IT” factors rise to the forefront to I.lluminate T.ruth. In Curriculum AUM, The Observologist is willing to see the truth!

Listen to Sat Nam:


Balance Mudra

As a seal of knowledge, Balance Mudra is a lot like Jnana Yoga, an attunement with an experiential awareness of the absolute. In Sanskrit- Gyan means the expansion of wisdom or a broadened capacity to see “sat nam”, pure truth or what Curriculum AUM refers to as IT.

In Practice:


What textures are most enjoyable to the feet? Soft sand… warm water… cool tiles… cashmere socks… blades of grass… cozy slippers… loving touch… silken lotions? Recall a favorite memory where the feet felt free to breath, wiggle, explore and connect with the earth. If there are no memories of this kind on file—don’t fret, go create one!

  1. Set a timer for 2 minutes
  2. Sit in a comfortable upright position.
  3. Connect tips of thumbs with tips of index fingers.
  4. Extend long, ring & baby fingers (as if they were one finger) in an upward direction.
  5. Now, Place hands in Balance Mudra, palms up — on the inner knees or legs.
  6. Maintain a firm push feeling at the tips of the thumb and index fingers and a strong pull feeling at the tips of the extended long, ring and baby fingers.
  7. Breathe naturally and observe the experience of sitting for 2 minutes in this position.

Guided Meditation