Faculty 4: Meditation

“I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.” - William Blake


Aham Prema

Know love is at the center of it all (f4)

The Aham Prema (ah-hum pray-mah), Sanskrit for “I AM Divine Love,” affirms/confirms inherent goodness as our core being. For thousands of years Philosophers have toiled endlessly to define human existence to no certain avail except to cast out in to the common ether endless questions about humanity’s fundamental nature. The mantra Aham Prema circumnavigates all the thinking and formulating and draws us to a direct feeling of the supreme essence within our heart. Knowing divine love as the center of our being inspires beauty and grace. When over-thinking runs the head ragged and deliberation churns the belly in circles, take a moment to recite Aham Prema (either silently or out loud) in order to empty out the clutter and S.end P.eace A.nd C.ompassion E.verywhere.

Listen to Aham Prema:


Western Prayer Mudra

Western Prayer Mudra is a devotional gesture that interlocks the webbings of the fingers, entwines the stems, crosses the thumbs and seals the base of the hands tococoon the palm centers as the source of light. Weaving the left and right hands with the intent to integrate opposing forces is a deeply sacred symbol of mutuality and surrender.

In Practice:


This excerpt from “My Flute” by Sri Chinmoy captures the beloved sweetness of Aham Prema and provides a beautiful context for the Faculty 4 Meditation:

In secrecy supreme I see You.
You live in my eyes, in my sleep,
In my dreams, in my sweet wakefulness.
In the stupendous mirth of life,
In the abysmal lap of death,
You I behold.
Your Love-Play is my world.

  1. Friction Hands vigorously for 1 minute.
  2. Now, do Namaste Push/Pull (f1) for 5 breaths. Exhale, Push hands — Inhale, Pull Elbows.
  3. From Namaste Push/Pull, slide the right hand forward to align right thumb with left index finger then thread right fingers through the webbing between the left fingers. Flex all fingers, pressing all 8 finger pads directly beneath the knuckles on the backs of the opposite hand. Seal the heels and lateral blades of the hands as well as the base of the thumbs. Cross the left thumb over the right thumb. (Reverse order of left and right hands — which ever hands slides forward will be the “giving” hand)
  4. Press base of thumbs at breast plate- squeeze inner arms into ribs- point elbows towards outer hips.
  5. Inhale, Pull elbows south and actively create space between the palm centers without breaking the seals (heels, webbings, lateral blade, base of thumbs), Exhale, Push deeply into the seals and affirm connection between heart and hands.
  6. Inhale, say “Aham”, Exhale, say “Prema”
  7. Combine steps 5 & 6 for 8 breath cycles.

Guided Meditation: