Faculty 6: Meditation

"The obstacle is the path." - Zen Saying


Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

When times get tough, receive help from trustworthy sources (f6).

Lord Ganesha, known as the elephant God, is an empathic listener and solution focused magician. The son of Shiva and Parvati is literally all ears! With 4 arms to execute any mission, Lord Ganesh navigates the 4 Elements (Fire, Earth, Water, and Air) with supreme expertise.

His hands, in particular, tell the tale: Sift out the negative and surrender deeply to the light. One left hand holds a club to defeat saboteurs while the other holds a lotus to represent beauty and transcendence. One right hand holds the rosary to signify eternal faith while the other holds a conch shell as evidence of the divine proportion.

Beloved Ganesh reminds us of “The Big O” –define Obstacles as Opportunities to see “problems” as projections of karmic seeds. When our “stuff” rises to the surface we are given the chance to reconcile our deeds and release the heavy burdens of the past. In this light, impediments along the path are inner adhesions calling our attention to vulnerabilities in need of breath. But how do we deliver nourishment to these disenfranchised areas within?

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha (Om gum gonna pa-tuh-yay nah- ma-ha) is a widely celebrated mantra for the removal of obstacles. This ancient combination of sounds is like a chariot – capable of reaching the deepest wounds to inspire inner transformation. Each of the 10 syllables (1+0 =1) join together to create a vibrational recipe for new beginnings.

Listen to Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha:

Faculty 6 MudraMudra

Temple Mudra

With 6 fingers interlaced, index fingers joined as one and the base of thumbs sealed in solidarity, Temple Mudra symbolizes a powerful vessel for purification. In this configuration, the index fingers create a two-fold channel. When pointed upward, they tap into cosmic calibrations (on the inhale) and funnel healing energy down the arms and spine (on the exhale). When pointed downward, they provide an exodus for the emptying release of impediments to be absorbed and transmuted by the earth.

In Practice:


Like thunderbolts of lightning we can assert our power in bold manifestations. Move swiftly like a Ninja to extinguish the false and exonerate the truth.

  1. Begin with Frictioning the Hands (PF 1) vigorously for 30 seconds.
  2. Next, do Push/Pull Namaste (Toner 1) for 5 breaths. Exhale, Push hands as one. Inhale, Pull elbows apart (without releasing the unity of the hands).
  3. Make Temple Mudra: Interlace baby, ring and middle fingers. Join stems of index fingers together to create a channel (take particular note of the base of the index fingers as the wellspring
    and the pads of the index fingers as the tip of the spear). Seal base of thumbs, heels of hands and lateral blades of hands. (you will notice a hollowed out space at the palm centers)
  4. Hold Temple Mudra a few inches from the heart center, flare elbows widely. This is the intermediary position. Keep it. Practice a 4-part breath, 5x. 1. Inhale, 2. Stay Full, 3. Exhale, 4. Stay Empty.
  5. Now, (maintain Temple Mudra throughout), Inhale and Reach Arms over head – pointing index fingers toward the Heavens. Stay Full, Return Temple Mudra to Intermediary Position (see #4). Exhale, Extend Arms toward the Earth. Stay Empty, Return Temple Mudra to Intermediary Position. 5x
  6. On parts 1 and 2 (Inhale, Reach Up, Stay Full return to Intermediary Position), recite: Aum Gum Gonna. On parts 3 and 4 (Exhale, Extend Down, Stay Empty, Return to Intermediary Position), recite: Pattayei Namaha. 5x
  7. Release Temple Mudra. Allow arms to hang freely by your sides and observe the Echo (E.very C.onnection H.as O.ne). Be open to the magical powers of Lord Ganesh and the possibility for renewal and forgiveness.

Guided Meditation: