Faculty 7: Meditation

“If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments.” - Anne Morrow Lindbergh


Aum Namah Shivaya

Don’t fight! (f7)

Aum Namah Shivaya is a devotional mantra based in the Vedic, Tantric and Himalayan Traditions. It is difficult to adequately translate the meaning of this mantra. In many ways it is about surrender. Namah means to respect or pay homage to the sublime essence. Shivaya refers to Shiva, the Hindu Deity known as the destroyer (of it, i.mitating t.ruth) and felt as a downward force of grounding energy.

The five syllables: Na-mah Shi-va-ya classify Aum Namah Shivaya as a Panchakshara Mantra. Panchakshara mantras are powerful catalyst for change within the 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air) because they account for a fifth factor – Space. This fifth dimension functions as the network of communication between the forces—inviting Aum Namah Shivaya to travel all spheres.

When the sounds of A-U-M, precede Namah Shivaya, the entire experience creates an infinite 8. The 5 syllables of surrender (Namah Shivaya) plus the 3 syllables of creation (A-U-M) come together to manifest the ultimate expression of harmony.

More important than numerological theory, however, is the experience of reciting Aum Namah Shivaya 108 times over the course of 40 days. From this dedicated practice the real meaning will take form. And the practitioner encounters pure Joy (J.ewel O.f Y.oga)… and the discipline of Yoga.

Listen to Aum Namah Shivaya:

Faculty 7 MudraMudra

Tucked Thumbs Mudra

In tucked thumbs mudra, often called Adhi Mudra, each hand remains separate but participates in a shared rhythm between sides. A great gesture for soothing the nervous system or for combating A.D.D, Tucked Thumbs Mudra provides a shield from external influences. A lot like pratyahara, the 5th limb of Yoga, Tucked Thumbs Mudra withdraws sensory input and focuses our attention/intention inward.

Many Spiritual Masters consider the thumb to symbolize the Sublime Essence or Divine will. Walling off the rest of the world with the assertion of a fist while holding the thumb in direct connection to the palm centers - we access a direct portal to our whole self and a spirit of oceanic oneness.

In Practice:


Draw inward to awaken the joy of action. Take respite from the pressure to be this or that and listen to the soul wisdom that speaks in feelings and moves in silence. Be productive, yes, but not just for the sake of doing. Stay connected to source. Surrender to the everlasting waves of change. Each moment is an opportunity to serve the mystery…

  1. Begin with Frictioning the Hands (PF 1) vigorously for 30 seconds.
  2. Next, do Push/Pull Namaste (Toner 1) for 5 breaths. Exhale, Push hands as one. Inhale, Pull elbows apart (without releasing the unity of the hands).
  3. Make Tucked Tumbs Mudra: Press the thumbs across the palms of the hands and fold the fingers over them in a secure
  4. cocoon to look like a fist.
  5. Lay hands- fists down- on each knee. Breathe naturally for 1 minute.
  6. Now, Inhale and say Aum. Exhale, say Namah while squeezing right fist. Release the pressure, Inhale, say Shivaya. Exhale, squeeze left fist in the emptiness/silence. Release the pressure, Inhale say Aum and repeat this cycle 8x.
  7. Release Tucked Thumbs Mudra and place both hands palms up on inner knees. Sit quietly for 1 minute and feel the echo of surrender...

Guided Meditation: