Faculty 9: Meditation

“You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might also pray in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.” - Kahlil Gibran


Aum Shrim Maha Laksmiyei Swaha

Create a prosperity plan (f9)

According to the Hindu religion, Laksmi is the supreme Goddess of wealth. Known for her celestial glory and auspicious grace, Laksmi is one of the most beloved deities in all traditions. She is often associated with Kundalini Shakti as an evolutionary force that awakens true potential. Depicted as an 18 armed beauty, Lakshmi is a universal symbol of feminine power.

To enter the ultimate womb -- Let’s bow to the great Laksmi and open our minds to welcome abundance. It is said that Laksmi grants prosperity to those who are hard working, humble and honest.

Aum Shrim Maha Laksmiyei Swaha is a mantra that brings about internal cleanliness. Each of the nine syllables gives rise to vibratory currents that set out to mobilize areas of adhesion. To align with wealth (In Middle English wele or “well-being”), we must reach out to the impoverished areas within to release obstacles and negotiate reception. When we are truly ready to receive good fortune, Aum Shrim Maha Laksmiyei Swaha will deliver the Goddess’ gifts like a bounty of peace.

Listen to Aum Shrim Maha Laksmiyei Swaha:

Faculty 9 MudraMudra

Placid Hands Mudra

Placid Hands Mudra is fashioned from the Buddhashramana Mudra. Often called the Renunciation Gesture, this open palmed position is emblematic of Akassgarba, one of the eight Boddhisattva, known as the treasury of empty space.

With hands surrendered open, both arms bent sharply, each elbow held close to center and the forearms joined together at the lateral lines we create a funnel for prosperity to flow from the treasury of empty space into the core of our being.

In Practice:


To harvest equanimity-- feel the subtle pulse between the brain and the spine. Open the base of the skull and receive messages from beyond. The mind (our organ of thought) dwells within every cell and responds to our call. Seek out moments of stillness. Listen to the echo of an ancient lullaby – simplicity speaks in lapping waves along the shore…

  1. Begin with Namaste Friction & Namaste Push Pull, 2 minutes.
  2. Place hands open palmed on knees. Each inhale, lengthen the space between the hips and the ribs (waistline) while keeping the sit bones open. Each exhale, empty the triangle (lower belly) and equalize weight distribution at the feet. 8 breaths
  3. Next, join elbows at centerline (as close to the navel as possible). Align lateral arm lines, seal outer wrist bones and external edges of baby fingers to configure an open palmed gesture. Create a smooth appearance to the palms of the hands and stretch the thumbs east and west to create ample space in the thenar emminence.
  4. Inhale, (maintain the integrity of the mudra) and pull the fingers away from the pall center. Exhale, increase wrist extension while pushing the elbows gently into the abdomen. 8 breaths
  5. Now, maintain the mudra but breathe naturally and envision golden light entering through the palm centers and flowing unimpeded down the forearms into the solar plexus. 1 minute
  6. Release the mudra—return hands (palms open) onto knees. Breath deep and steady. And ask the following question: How would it feel to receive prosperity?

Ly down into a relaxing pose and allow time to “be” with this idea of abundance – even if that means you fall asleep.  3 minutes

Guided Meditation: