Faculty 2: Movement

I am seeking for the bridge that leads from the visible to the invisible through reality." -Max Beckmann

Bridging Exercises

Bridge the gap between the elements! (f2)

Faculty 2 exercises set the stage for Grounding the Feet by actively scanning, sketching and labeling the featured points of each foot. In Mods, Bridging means supine spinal articulation whereas in Anya it means the grounding template or series of moves designed to create the “Vinyasa” flow. Both variations of Bridging, however, share the same vision:

To establish a dynamic foundation, root the feet with intention and spring forth a spirit of lightness. Negotiate the spaces between the brain and body in seamless networks– travel this focused intent from as above as below and build a confident standpoint. Now, memorize these feelings, quiz them again and again, especially when on shaky ground. Through the souls of the feet, expand consciousness, become the witness– study the inexorable interplay between mind
and body.

Increased attention/intention on the feet, bridges the gap between thoughts and feelings. Solid footing enhances tonality in the legs and also establishes a push/pull cadence through out the whole body to enhance core stability and engender a profound sense of Sat Nam.