Faculty 3: Movement

“When you have no choice, mobilize the spirit of courage” - Jewish proverb

Mobilizing Exercises

Mobilize Awareness (f3)

Faculty 3 exercises set the stage for exploring the process of individuating the legs. Mobilizing a spirit of appreciation for the here and now, we learning how to “take a moment” and “live the questions” as a philosophy of movement.

The Faculty 3 Mods exercises foster an integration of opposites. Push and Pull take on full body relevance as catalysts for inner and outer locomotion -- calculating the differentiation of “active” and “passive” and building a spectrum of response options to the questions posed by each movement. More specifically, the mind is elected as a casting director to select roles for specific regions. In exercise 4, for example, the arms are cast in the role of the heavy lifters while the legs are asked to fully yield. This reversal of power roles shows how our thoughts are capable of sculpting the intention of our shape.

Faculty 3, Anya is about “mobilizing” pathways. Transitions in an out of downward dog are typical for any Yoga Flow style class, yet, rarely is this passageway given enough time to feel smooth and understood. Moving from an inverted V to a lunge is not an easy task! Our goal is to build efficacy on how to arrive from one shape to another, set up the frame of the pose and feel the breath as a sacred ally in the exploration of Push and Pull.

Although Mods and Anya offer different styles of Mobilizing exercises, they share the same vision:

If we are unaware of our options it is difficult to make informed decisions. Thousands of years of collective conditioning has got us disconnected from source. It is time to come home within. Settled at the root source junction - where the pelvis sits atop the legs connecting downward to the earth while also holds the handle to the spine channeling upward to the heavens - the ball of the femur in the hip socket holds prime real estate! Smooth as a pearl and spherical by design, positioned to tilt upward in the hollow, as if absorbing the light from above in order to send it down the femoral neck into the shaft and all the way to the feet.

Increased attention/intention on the legs is a powerful method for c.ultivating a l.iving m.editation. When we consciously support our infrastructure by differentiating the legs from the hips we take great strides in the advancement of centered strength. We move away from polarized &/or enmeshment tendencies and begin to celebrate the unique parts within the whole.