Faculty 5: Movement

“Without the Name of the Lord, there is no peace. Having tried all sorts of ostentatious displays, I have come to see this. Intuitively imbued with His Praises, one is saved, crossing over the terrifying world-ocean.” ~Sri Guru Granth Sahib


Crossover to a here and now presence (f5)

The exercises in Faculty 5 allow the Seeker to explore options by engaging the ribs. Looking at both sides in order to assess the full continuum of choices is similar to the action of the rib cage during rotation.

In Curriculum Aum, we build a foundational platform in a step by step process that begins with taking action with our own two hands and learning to "Ground the feet"  in order to "Individuate the legs" so that we can “Stabilize the Hips” (F4) and ultimately,  “Engage the Ribs” (F5). For example, in Faculty 4, The Philosopher calculates center-line to clearly delineate left and right hemispheres so that in Faculty 5, The Seeker can crossover this imaginary line as a means for exploring the whole terrain. Our stabilizing work in Faculty 4, from this perspective, can be understood as a source of confidence or home base.

Increased Attention/Intention of the Ribs maps new ground in our breathing patterns, as we experience, first hand, feelings of suppleness and flexibility  in our  moment to moment give and take with the world.  In this capacity, rotation travels along a transverse pathway and across a central axis to access a full continuum of experience. As we marvel at the natural expansion and contraction alive in each breath, we inspire a true connection with themes of resilience and grace.

Engage R.otation (to) I.vestigate B.oth S.ides as a R.eally I.ntense B.reathing S.equence and know for sure you are alert, awake and alive!

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