Faculty 8: Movement

"Frame thy mind to mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms, and lengthens life" - William Shakespeare

Elongating Exercises

Now, uplift joy, lengthenĀ (f8)

Faculty 8 exercises set the stage for the tag phrase: Soften the Jaw and Lengthen the Neck by drawing us into the world of tantric persuasion! The Sanskrit word 'tantra' means to elongate or expand staying power. (Multi-sensory learning for the cultivation of heightened sensuality!) Faculty 8 begins our exploration of the subatomic realm as we investigate excitation forces in the expression of energy vibration and pulsation. Mystical by nature, elongating is all about proportions and learning how to conduct energy.

Getting acquainted with the unseen dominion requires pragmatism and patience. In the subtle architecture of the pose, when stillness and action join together -- currents of life-force become as obvious as gusts of wind. If Faculty 7 was the mid- term, Faculty 8 is the first chapter in a whole new unit of study: Quantum Movement Mechanics.

In Mods, Elongating takes place in a series of dynamic lunges in order to focus on "lines of stretch" or the perception of "channels". The Imagination/Intellect locate infrastructural pathways and establish direction along chosen routes. Jostling joints, rhythmical expansion/contraction and oscillating breaths stir the depths of each posture and awaken waves of pulsation.

In Anya, Elongating examines more spherical and fluid shapes than the other faculties. Faculty 8 expands our horizons by moving out side of the box (yoga mat) to more adventurous terrain. These exercises elicit the "seduction of the pose" and challenge us to remain fully present within a spectrum of sensations. As we log more time feeling rather than analyzing, we strengthen our intuitive sensibilities and transcend the boundaries of duality.

Although Mods and Anya offer different styles of Elongating, exercises they share the same vision:

Just like a sculptor who molds and chisels shapes, we make choices about how to embody our form. Choose to design each position with great care as if following an invisible blueprint written by the Soul. Then, choose to soften, seek stillness and trust in the source of the work. Imagine the L.aw O.f V.astness E.xpressing (Love) giving rise to each breath -- and just for this moment, carve out space for all shadows to bask in full light.

Increased attention/intention on softening the jaw and lengthening the neck allows for clear communication between the mind and the heart. A soft jaw promotes a humble spirit and a supple neck promotes flexibility and serves as a benchmark for overall ascension. A primary step in the journey of a thousand miles is the letting go of excess rigidity, tension and stress while remaining poised in position. As any Artist knows well, true inspiration dwells in an open field of awareness. Mastery manifests from a blend of mystery, magic and methodical moxie...