Anya Meta-Map

Let’s begin at the hands then travel to the feet
now, move up the leg to where the ball and socket meet,
cross connect two lines in an X to each sit bone,
then go north to where the floatin’ ribs hold their own,
cross connect two lines in an x to each lower tip of the shoulder blade,
stay on the same side, head up to the clavicles til a parenthesis is made
Take a moment here and honor the back door of the heart
This is where the whole journey is inspired from the start
From here, find the heads of the humerus in the glenoid cavity
Arms -- instruments of peace -- plug in to the center of gravity.
On the move again, cross connect to the jaw’s hinges
And yes, finding the suboccipitals will take us way out on the fringes
But, that’s simple compared to heading in towards the ears
Moving through the head can bring up both tears and fears
Stay strong, no matter, and cross connect the brow to the crown
and then take a deep full breath because we are about to head down
a few fancy hook ups before we get on our way
but then steady we go through the chord and each vertebrae
once we reach the pelvic floor we’ll spiral light within our womb
to send peace and compassion everywhere for all good things to bloom
refuel the kidneys and stoke the hara strong
connecting this deep, reveals where we belong
as clarity blossoms like an aura of hope
we feel surrounded by a healing envelope
trusting the universe to support our mission
we expand our mind to reflect this vision
so many more connections to articulate in motion
the Anya Meta-map lays the foundation for an alchemical potion!