Faculty 2: Meta-Map

“Keep your feet on the ground and your thoughts at lofty heights.” - Peace Pilgrim

Earth Stars

Let’s begin at the hands (f1) then travel to the feet (F2)

What would it feel like to breathe through the Feet? 

In a Stand Tall Position, equalize weight on each foot. Sketch a “Copper Acces/Axis Grid” on each plantar surface. Position the horizontal line to begin at the apex of the arch and to end at where the 5th metatarsal and the cuboid bone meet. Align the vertical line with the tip of the third toe down to the midpoint of the posterior ridge of the heel.

Start at the Apex of the arch and move toward the midpoint of the Copper Axis Grid. Pause there to envision a reddish brown vortex of energy called the Earth Star.

Imagine inhaling to pull energy up through the Earth Star of the left foot, as if imbibing nutrients from the earth (aura chrysalis) and exhaling to push energy down through the Earth Star of the right foot, as if anchoring deeply into the bedrock.

Like Mood Lighting –the meta-map stimulates energetic connections in our intrinsic environment to MELT undue tension in the extrinsic counterparts:

M.arker Point: Sole/Soul Centers

E.nergy Connection: Earth Stars (Ears of the Felt Sense)

L.ines: Left foot initiates Root Stem Lattice, Right Foot Completes Root Stem Lattice.

T.hemes: “Seat of everyday life”, Kundalini priming pump and equalizer, Discharge center, Imbibes Nourishment via Aura Chrysalis, Anchoring agent for Physical and Spiritual existence. Grounding Chakra that fuels the bottom up Faculty 1-12 Excavation/Ascension and primes the Limbo Story Descension & Spiral to prepare for the Outer Story resonance/emanation. Gateway for ancient axiom: “as above so below”.