Faculty 7: Meta-Map

"May my heart be your shelter, and my arms be your home." - Marianne Williamson

Heart Chakra

From here, find the heads of the humerus in the glenoid cavity.  Arms, instruments of peace. Plug in to the center of gravity. (F7)

What if the arms were messengers of the heart? How would we support them?

We reach out into the world to give and receive -- carrying the intention of what we feel and think through all that we do. Our arms act as a link to assist communication between the head, heart and hands to infuse loving kindness in actions both big and small. Tap into the space between the shoulder blades to inspire grace and discover an ocean of compassion.

Inhale and cross connect two lines from the lower tips of the shoulder blades to the heads of the humerus. Pause in the fullness of this inhale and allow the arms to imbibe peace. Next, exhale feelings of peace down the arms into the palm centers while also plugging in the lower tips of the shoulder blades into the sit bones to connect to the root source. Repeat this 5x.

Now, focus on the mid point of the Heart X (lower tips of the shoulder blades to the opposite heads of the humerus). Inhale, and visualize this mid point expanding, illuminating and emanating pure light. Exhale, a sigh of relief. Repeat this 5x.

Like Mood Lighting –the meta-map stimulates energetic connections in our intrinsic environment to MELT undue tension in the extrinsic counterparts:

M.arker Point: Heads of the Humerus

E.nergy Connection: Heart Chakra, Anahata Chakra

L.ines: Inhale lines from the lower tips of the shoulder blades to opposite heads of humerus. (The mid point of this X -- found within the space between the shoulder blades is the Heart Chakra.) Continue this line down the arms to the palm centers on an exhale.

T.hemes: Temperance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Love, Trust, Hope, Longing.

Sound: Yam/Yum  |  Color: Green/Pink/Smokey Grey  |  12 Petals