Faculty 8: Meta-Map

“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Throat Chakra

On the move again, cross connect to the jaw’s hinges... (F8)

How would it feel to express pure inspiration?

Put your neck on the line and a lot's at stake. This slender bridge between the head and the heart houses many key players for the nervous, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic and endocrine systems. We bring immediate attention to the throat, wind pipe and voice box every time we nod yes, shake head no or look from one side to the next. This may be one reason why the neck is considered to be a seat of expression.

In times of stress, indecision, excessive rigidity or craving-- those times when holding back words and tears becomes a way of life, the jaw guards the neck under lock and key. To liberate these binds means to release stuck emotions.

Begin by feeling the jaw soften, which, in turn, lengthens the neck -- creating more space for the flow of creative energy between the head and heart. Chart a path from the outermost edges of the acromium processes to the opposite hinges of the jaw. Align the midpoint of this X with the intervertebral body of Axis (C2) and focus breath there.

Inhale and emanate (pull) sky blue (cool) energy from the mid point outbound to the 4 endpoints of the X. Exhale, and retrace (push) the lines back to the midpoint with a sense of relief and purification. 8 breaths.

Like Mood Lighting, the meta-map stimulates energetic connections in our intrinsic environment to MELT undue tension in the extrinsic counterparts:

M.arker Point: Hinges of the Jaw, C1 & C2

E.nergy Connection: Throat Chakra, Vissudha Chakra

L.ines: Cross connect the acromium processes to opposite hinges of jaw. Find the Throat Chakra at the mid point of this X and align it with the intervertebral disc between C1 & C2.

T.hemes: Creativity, Expression, Honesty, Stuck words, Choaking back tears, Bridge between the Mind & the Heart, Truth, Purification Center, Guilt, Shame, Risk

Sound: Ham  |  Color: Sky Blue  |  16 Petals