We all have bones. One hand has 27. A foot has 26. The legs have 4 each. Today we’ll focus on hands, feet, and legs for a quick 5 step sequence of exercises to center yourself and wake up vibrance in mind and body. Try Standing or seated.

Friction and Namaste Push-Pull with the hands:

Place hands together, palm centers touching. Now, move the hands North and South frictioning them continuously for 10 seconds then as fast as you can for 10 more. Slow to stillness, lift elbows in line with wrists and push the hands together as if you were merging them into one. Keeping hands together pull the elbows away from each other. Add breath, exhaling on every push and inhaling on every pull. Continue for 30 seconds. Enliven the Hands!

Heal Lifts:

Lift and lower the heals. Try with straight legs, with slightly bent legs, bending the legs as the heal lowers and extending the legs as the heals lift or mix it up as you like. If your wanting a bit more of a challenge lift and lower the arms in concert with the lifting and lowering of the heals or pause for a balance every once and a while. Ground the Feet!

Chicken Dance:

Bend Legs and chicken dance. Flopping the wings in and out with firmly grounded feet. Do this actively for 45-60 seconds. Make the range of motion and speed work to invigorate you. Be gentle. Pause and take an echo or a moment to notice sensations.

Figure Eights:

Ground the feet. Breath. Make a figure eight with the hips rounding around the outer hips and cutting diagonally through the centerline of the body. Go for 20 seconds then switch directions. Have a laugh, the second direction often feels quite weird.

Notice the bones:

Scan the hands, then feet, next the legs and lastly the hips. Take about 10-15 seconds to notice any sensations or feelings in any of those individual parts. Then breath and notice the wholeness of you from toes to crown of head. Let this help you build awareness you can use in movement, making choices and simply to know yourself better.