The hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone….or is it?

Prior to a recent session with Johnson, I found myself feeling some more than usual aches and pains in my lower back and my right knee. But despite the pain, I continued my usual workout routine including a morning run with hubby along the west side, which was clearly exacerbating the problem.

I was feeling pain, but unconscious and ignorant, I ignored it and, by doing so routinely contributed to it.  To explore change, I first had to acknowledge the need to. So today, I informed Johnson about my creaky squeaky joints and he was quick to address the root of the problem: alignment. Or, in this case, misalignment. The entire session we focused on grounding the feet and individuating the legs, stabilizing the hips and maintaining center line, defining and redefining my frame lines.  It was both super-intensive and incredibly therapeutic. With Johnson’s guidance and heightened awareness and intuition as a teacher, he helped me to become more actively, consciously self-aware.  A slight crick in my foot and displaced hips had been the result of years of bad patterning and had thrown me out of line and into pain. I noticed, observed and could now define the pain, and could conceptualize the pattern of movements that were causing it. But Johnson taught me blueprinting techniques for centered strength and a centered mind. Grounding the feet, individuating the legs, stabilizing the hips, and differentiating and isolating these individual movements creates an integrated whole while shifting and shaping new and healthier patterns of movements. Calibrating and recalibrating my center-line demands constant awareness and encourages balance.  To ease pain and find symmetry and harmony in my mind and body, I have learned to become more center-seeking.  By focusing on the center, the I.ntuitive A.lignment M.ethod invites a core conversation and connection that I know will ultimately lead to a more balanced, authentic way of moving and being.

Written by Christie Anderson
Body Banter