Hey folks. Oscar here. I am a Studio Anya teacher. I love the work and use little pieces all throughout my days and nights to stand a little taller, breath a little easier and make being me even better. Over the next weeks you can read the simple ways Anya has helped me. Hopefully you’ll dive in and try this stuff out with me.

Assignment 1:

Hello lovely people. Today’s star is Centerline (CL). Centerline is an unconscious utility or Anya technique I love because a little goes a long way. Whether you are at a desk, standing in line at the grocery or getting into bed for the night, CL can help you protect your spine and ease pain residing in over used or unsafely used joints.

To work in CL connect 8 points from the bottom of you up. Bring big toes, ankles and knees together then draw an imaginary vertical line that connects your big toes to the ankles, ankles to knees, knees to pubic bone (research if you don’t know where it is), to naval to sternum to tip of nose to crown of head. On inhales lengthen the body while gently aligning the points, creating more space between them. On exhales push firmly through the soles of the feet whether they are contacting air, floor, bed, whatever. Do a total of 8 full breaths like this, aligning and connecting all those points to the best of your physical and imagistic abilities.

Repeat this doing 8 more breaths with a little variation. On exhales nod the head yes bringing the chin to the chest. On the inhales lift the head up on the spine, gazing at a gentle high diagonal point. Go real slow. Pause anytime you need and “listen” for pain or discomfort. Breathe. Don’t stop just because it is hard, but try not to hurt yourself!  This is pretty low key movement and it is your neck so be careful. These head nods will tell you a lot about where you carry tension, if and how your head is aligned with the spine and can cause a gentle stretch which can wake up a variety of sensations, emotions and movement possibilities. Go explore. Yay for you! More to come soon.