Fall is here and winter is coming. It may be in the 80's but I can already feel the cold on its way. Friction your hands for mind body focus and warmth.

Bring hands together at sternum, palms touching and fingers pointing North. Now, rub hands up and down against each other with gentle pressure. Do this for a self count of 30 seconds. Friction for 20 seconds at a moderate pace, you decide what that means in that moment, then go as fast as you can for the last 10 seconds. Your 30 seconds of frictioning are done so check in. What’s the echo all that hand work has left? Is there heat, pain, energy moving? There are no right or wrong answers. Simply build your skills at noticing the results of this exercise. It is good practice for life since every decision or action has some kind of response or reaction. Start with frictioning and the resulting sensations. Explore the hands, other body parts and the wholeness of your body. Do this at work, at home or on the walk to work. This quick practice can help release tension, clear the mind and wake you up simultaneously.

Optional part two if you have time and space:

Friction and Echo as above then take the heat and energy you built up and put on imaginary lotion. First “lotion” the webbing and back of the hands then anywhere you need a bit of love and attention like the arms, shoulders, head, neck, legs, feet, hips, etc. Do what feels right and needed to you on a given day. Again, there is no right way to do this. Vary pressure and style of touch depending on what area you are working. Breathe, have a caring attitude and go slowly and carefully whenever you do this.

Good luck giving yourself some positive attention and hopefully some relief.

Until next time,